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The GEM Company

Our Mission

We dedicate ourselves to offer to the jewellery industry the finest coloured gemstones available in the market.

Who are we?

We are experts in our field. A motivated and passionate group of gemologists on a mission to find the finest quality coloured gemstones. We focus on only the most vibrant, very finest stones of their types.
Our rough stones are from the most renowned sources in Africa, Asia and further afield. Our focus is on sourcing the upmost quality of rough stones, with an emphasis on fair and ethical trade. We encourage and promote transparency and try to maintain as much value as possible in the mining areas of East-Africa.

Working with a small selection of gems cutters, who are acknowledged as the best cutters in the business, our stones are cut to bring out the best assets of the stone, NOT to maintain the heaviest stone possible. All our stones are provided with reports issued by one of the most highly regarded laboratories in the world.

Gemco is a trade-only business, working only with Jewelery houses, design houses and other merchants in the Jewelery industry.

Our Services

We provide some of the finest and rarest coloured gemstones, sourced, precision cut and polished by hand.
We provide custom cutting options. If you need something a little different, for example, a ‘ 5 to 7 carat, old-mine cut double blue Nigerian Aquamarine’, then we can do that for you. We stand by our products. In the event that any stone does not meet our client’s expectations, we offer a one month, no questions asked return policy for our approved customers.

Our Expertise


We are specialized in the sourcing of selected rough coloured stones, with a sharp focus on finding only the very finest. Our primary avenue of sourcing stones is in the field; direct from the mine, or as close to the source as possible


We only use our curated group of renowned cutters in Asia, Europe and USA, choosing the right cutter for the right stone. Some cutters want to give a stone it heaviest possible weight during the cutting process. We sacrifice weight to bring out the very best stone that can be produced. Beauty is our primary goal, weight is absolutely secondary.


Our fine coloured gemstones become available to our clients once there are cut and have passed all steps of our selection process. We supply only pre-registered clients. We do not supply direct customers, but redirect them to the closest clients we work with, as we only deal with BtoB.

Gemological reports

All our stones are documented so you can understand our gemstones better. A report from a licensed gemological laboratory will confirm the characteristics and qualities of your selected gemstone, including not only its colour, clarity, weight and dimensions but can also include its country of origin and the presence, if any, of treatments used to enhance the appearance of the gem. Confirmation of the country of origin can provide some comfort in helping to reduce the risk that the gemstones have supported conflict, child labour or any other unethical practices.

Become a client

If you or your company like to operate at the forefront of the jewelery industry, we would love to work with you! If you are not in the industry and have seen a stone in our selection that is ‘calling out to you’, get in touch and we will refer you to one of our distributors who will be happy to facilitate for you. If you are a jeweller, please send us your application through this form or send us a copy of your business registration via email at [email protected].

Where to meet us

You can contact us at [email protected] or through this contact form. You can visit us at our office in Singapore or we also travel regularly to Europe and the US and we will be delighted to visit you during our next trip. We attend various trade shows throughout the year including JSK Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Tucson and Munich.